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Welcome to Young Wife Club!!
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Are you looking for a serious relationship with a younger woman? Do you long for love, happiness, and a future you can look forward to? Then YoungWifeClub.com is the place to be!

We intensively screen each young woman we interview before allowing them on our site, evaluating them for attitude, honesty, and personal appearance. It is of the utmost importance to us that we be able to offer our clients the very best in a lasting relationship.

The women you'll meet on our site are serious, honest and sincere. After many years of searching (and being scammed by other "dating sites"), we decided to create a truly unique relationship site. One on which our clients will feel well taken care of. A site they can put their faith in. A place to find that very special person to walk though life with.

That's what YoungWifeClub.com offers you!

Exclusive Members
Since my husband's early demise, I have not really been open to the idea of dating. I was 23 when we got married, and he died two years right after that. I was 25; they say it's young but I was in great emotional pain from the loss of my prince charming. So, the thing is I have been trying to get through the days without him-and yes, I did. When I was 29 and ready to love again, it was by the same year that I met Matthew. Well, he is 20 years older than me but whenever I am with him, I feel like I am just with a guy of my age. We get along so well that we decide to bring it to the next level. Matthew and I are now living together, and I must say that it's been like feeling love for the first time. It's all brand-new. I believe that everyone deserves a love like this-even as a second chance.
It's my story 
You can all call me lucky; in fact, really lucky. Sometimes, people would have to take a second look to realize that this beautiful, hot lady is with me. Jannie and I started dating since June last year. It was very difficult to win her affections, she was young and idealistic and I'm a seasoned man just wanting to find someone that I can settle down with. Came a time when Jannie fell in love me too, I was in disbelief when she finally said yes. We are happy, we really are. And both of us feel that we are meant to be. While the criticisms around us go about non-stop, we do our best to stay focused on what keeps us together. While our relationship goes against all odds, we remain strong and faithful hoping that one day, the world will understand.
I often go out with friends; drinking and gambling are our main source of entertainment. I live my life carefree because since birth I have yet to get what I desire. Marriage was a scary thing for me. I never imagined myself being tied down to a relationship for the rest of my life. I remember planning a quest for the fountain of youth with my friends at a drinking session. I love to have fun and always live on the edges of every journey I tread; then Sandy bumped into me, literally. I was doing my regular morning workout when she accidentally tripped and bumped me. I wasn't attracted to her at first. I mean I was busy thinking of the poker game that would happen that night, but then she asked me for a coffee. The next fifteen minutes changed my life forever. She is the fun I have been looking for all my life. We are happily married and will be having our first baby in 4 months. Living life in fast lane is fun until you find your reason for living.
You will never hear me utter anything that makes sense without believing every sense of it. I love words. Words feed me. I have been a writer since time in memorial. I spent my life travelling from one place to another in search of the most inspiring location I can encounter. And indeed I have encountered… her. Sylvia just struck something inside of me that even the Eiffel tower failed to tickle. She was such a wonder. Spent more than week thinking about when I would be able to see her again. I searched from street to street, cafe to cafe, just to get a glimpse of that face again. Today, I wake up each day seeing Gretchen's face. She is more than just an inspiration. She is my life. We have two sons and is living in France.
They call me sceptic Freddy. Since my wife and I had been divorced, I never wanted to give love another try. While not many may have known it then, the separation was way more painful that I can manage. I was depressed and felt really bored about life. There came a point when I wanted to initiate my own demise. It must be a miracle though that I chanced upon meeting Beatrice. Introduced to me by a former colleague, Beatrice's womanly air gave me the shivers like the first time I felt love. Since that fateful meeting, I decided to pursue her and take that chance again. Many of her friends and family opposed to our relationship though, and it's not all smooth sailing. We gather strength from each other nonetheless, and we both know, this is the love to last forever.


One must live his life to the fullest. People seem to be crazy over the idea of seizing every moment life gives you. I am never the type to fall for that crap. I take life seriously. I set my goals and make sure I achieve each goal on time. I hate being late. Time is very essential for me. My niece set me out on a date to one of her "adventurous" friends. I felt weird at first, considering it was my niece's friend but as I said, I finish what I started. I went to the restaurant my niece's texted me fifteen minutes before the set time. After ten beers and three steaks, she arrived. I was on the verge of hitting off and never treating my niece ever again, however her smile made all the difference. How could I ever resist that smile? I can't. Five years after, I still feel weak-kneed when Rebecca smiles at me. I love her. I now realized life’s more fun when you find a reason to pause and seize every moment because you're plain happy.




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